Nail Cutting and Filing

Cutting your toe nails might seem like the simplest of tasks, but it needs to be done carefully. Making even a basic mistake can lead to painful and often serious problems such as ingrown toenails and infections. These can all affect your mobility.


Most people don’t need a foot health professional to take care of their toes but people with diabetes are an exception. If you have diabetes you need to ensure that you are clipping your nails correctly to reduce the risk of foot problems.

Three tips for cutting your toe nails
  1. Never cut down the side of nails or cut them too short.
  2. When cutting, follow the line of the nail at the tip of the toe and always leave the corner of nail just clear of the fleshy part of the toe.
  3. Always make sure that the corner of your toes are not left sharp. If you need to smooth down any rough edges don’t be afraid to use a file.
Do you have trouble cutting your finger nails?

Caring for your finger nails is just as important as caring for your toenails. If you’re finding it difficult to care for your finger nails, let me help.

I am qualified and professionally insured to:

  • Trim finger nails
  • Reduce any over grown nails
  • Treat fungal nail infections
  • Give advice on topical treatments for warts on hands


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