Foot Health

Modern life takes a toll on our feet

Foot Health Care Routine Check & Treatment.With the fast pace of modern living it’s easy to forget to look after our feet. We take for granted that our feet will be ready and able to carry us from one activity to the next. Our feet only cross our minds when problems arise. But, with proper care we could have prevented these problems in the first place.

As a foot health practitioner I can show you how to look after you and your family’s feet so that you can minimise any day to day foot problems.


Routine maintenance can make all the difference, especially as we grow older

Even if your feet are generally in a good condition, why not consider a foot care treatment to have hard skin removed, toe nails clipped or just a general check up to ensure that you are looking after your feet properly?

If you are having trouble with routine foot care you are not alone. As we grow older, foot care becomes even more important.

Our skin becomes thinner, our joints start to stiffen and our feet become more vulnerable to the traumas of life. It gets more difficult for us to get down to our feet to carry out even basic foot care and failing eyesight doesn’t help!

People often say to me that when their feet hurt, their whole body hurts. Foot problems can quickly lead to pain and discomfort which will affect the way you walk, leading to knee, hip and back discomfort.

The good news is that when you look after your feet you can avoid many of these problems.


Why not try it for yourself with a routine foot care treatment?

I provide basic foot care treatments for many of my clients. A typical routine session follows these ten steps:

Foot Care Document thorough medical history

Foot Care Conduct a full vascular and neurological assessment of your feet

Foot Care Cleanse your feet

Foot Care Cut and file toe nails to a comfortable length

Foot Care Debriding of any callus and hard skin

Foot Care Check for any breaks or cracks in the skin

Foot Care Remove any corns – assess whether a follow-up appointment will be needed

Foot Care Apply dressings or paddings if required

Foot Care Give your feet a soothing massage with the appropriate foot care cream

Foot Care Give any foot care advice as needed


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